Wednesday, 16 November 2011

SummersRadio™ New Music! Kosheen DJs!

SummersRadio™ New Music! Kosheen DJs - 'Hatch 2' Bristol's Kosheen DJs have just released a new EP called 'Hatch' this week! It contains three tracks - numbered as 'Hatch 1', 2 and 3 - and it's released on the Skeleton label. The 'Hatch' EP is currently available exclusively on Beatport here:

Kosheen DJs have actually been around for many years - and their sound has constantly been evolving. The trio released their debut album - then known simply as Kosheen - called 'Resist' in 2001 and had a number of hit singles around the world. Their sound initially revolved around drum and bass and breakbeat, but their second album 'Kokopelli' in 2003 had more of a guitar focus. Two members of the band have also recorded under the name Decoder & Substance, and more recently they've been recording techno tracks under the name Kosheen DJs.

Out of the three 'Hatch' tracks it's 'Hatch 2' that does it most for me with it's wicked production - especially the break that starts around 2:45 in - that gets even cooler around 3:18ish... Enjoy!

Kosheen DJs 'Hatch 2' (Original Mix) by SummersRadio™


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