Sunday, 31 October 2010

SummersRadio™ 'STARTLEFEST 2010' Halloween Spectacular Continues...

SummersRadio™ STARTLEFEST 2010! Stars - 'I Died So I Could Haunt You' - from their fifth studio album released this June entitled 'The Five Ghosts'... Enjoy!

SummersRadio™ 'STARTLEFEST 2010' Rare Remix!

SummersRadio™ STARTLEFEST 2010 - Rare Remix! Echo & The Bunnymen - 'The Killing Moon' (All Night Version) Echo & The Bunnymen's 'The Killing Moon' was originally released in 1984 and included on their 'Ocean Rain' album, but the song reached an entire new audience when it was featured prominently in the 2001 film 'Donnie Darko'... Enjoy!

SummersRadio™ 'STARTLEFEST 2010' Remix!

SummersRadio™ STARTLEFEST2010! Remix! Depeche Mode - 'Black Celebration' (Dominatrix Short RE-FX Mix)

SummersRadio™ 'STARTLEFEST 2010' Classic!

SummersRadio™ STARTLEFEST 2010! Classic! Gerard McMann - 'Cry Little Sister' (Rick Harmony Remix) Awesome housey remix of this track from the 'Lost Boys' film (featuring a young spiky-haired 'Jack Bauer') and soundtrack...Enjoy!

SummersRadio™ 'STARTLEFEST 2010' Halloween Spectacular!

SummersRadio™ STARTLEFEST 2010! The Limousines - 'Internet Killed The Video Star' "Did you hear what they said? That rock n' roll is dead? Yeah it's like a zombie it will dig itself back up again" The Limousines are from the Bay Area and released their debut album entitled 'Get Sharp' in July - this is their latest single and video... Enjoy!

SummersRadio™ 'STARTLEFEST 2010' Halloween Spectacular Continues...

SummersRadio™ STARTLEFEST 2010 Halloween Spectacular! Bauhaus - 'Bela Lugosi's Dead' (Original 12")

SummersRadio™ 'STARTLEFEST 2010' Halloween Spectacular Continues!

SummersRadio™ 'STARTLEFEST 2010' Halloween Spectacular continues! Propaganda - 'Dr. Mabuse' Doctor Mabuse was a fictional character created by Norbert Jacques and made famous in three films from Austrian director Fritz Lang. Germany's Propaganda, who were signed to Trevor Horn's ZTT label, released 'Dr. Mabuse' as their debut single in 1984 as a tribute to the character, and it was also included on their brilliant debut album 'A Secret Wish' released the following year. This is also one of the first videos that Anton Corbijn directed - who then went on to work with dozens of artists including U2, Depeche Mode, Joy Division, Johnny Cash, Nirvana, Metallica, Coldplay and the The Killers to name but a few! Enjoy...

SummersRadio™ Presents... 'STARTLEFEST 2010' Halloween Spectacular!

SummersRadio™ Presents... 'STARTLEFEST 2010' Halloween Spectacular! And so it begins... Ladytron - 'Ghosts' No doubt this track - originally from 2008's 'Velocifero' - will be featured on Ladytron's forthcoming best of compilation entitled 'Ladytron: 00 - 10'. The release date is still tbc but it will also feature two new tracks including 'Ace Of Hz' posted below. If you're heading down to Fortune Sound Club tonight to catch their dj set I suggest going early as they start at 11pm! So Happy Halloween everyone and welcome to the official start of 'STARTLEFEST 2010' - BEWARE of the hundreds of evil ghosts in this video - and by evil ghosts I mean bunnies... Enjoy!

SummersRadio™ New Music! Ladytron!

SummersRadio™ New Music! Ladytron - 'Ace Of Hz' Ladytron's new song 'Ace Of Hz' is featured on the soundtrack to the new Electronic Arts game 'FIFA 11' and it will be one of two new tracks included on their forthcoming best of compilation called 'Ladytron: 00 - 10'! Ladytron are also in Vancouver tonight to perform a dj set at the Fortune Sound Club! Coming up next - the start of 'Startlefest 2010' - be warned - you will be startled!! Enjoy...

Friday, 29 October 2010

SummersRadio™ Classic! Ministry!

SummersRadio™ Classic! Ministry - 'Everyday Is Halloween' (Remix) Ministry first released this song on 12" in 1984 and then again with remixes in '86, and to this day it resonates with fans of both goth culture and of anyone who's ever felt like an outsider. This remix is currently available on their 'Early Trax' release. I always think of this song as the missing link between their early 80's new romantic songs like 'Work For Love' and their transformation to their much heavier sound that followed later in the decade. 'Tis the season... Enjoy!

Thursday, 28 October 2010

SummersRadio™ New Remix! + Free Download! Metric!

SummersRadio™ New Remix! + Free Download! Metric - 'Stadium Love' (DJ JMP Remix) As mentioned in a previous post, Metric currently has a remix contest on for their latest album 'Fantasies'. This is perhaps my favorite track from the album - it totally should have been a single - but it's taken on a life of it's own as the signature tune to end their shows with! This is DJ JMP's remix of 'Stadium Love' - and if it's to your liking you can also download a free copy of it from the link below... Enjoy!

Metric - Stadium Love (DJ JMP Remix) by djjmp

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

SummersRadio™ Rarity! Junkie XL Featuring Robert Smith!

SummersRadio™ Rarity! Junkie XL featuring Robert Smith - 'Perfect Blue Sky' Robert Smith's latest collaboration with Crystal Castles is by no means his first foray into electronic music - in 2004 he recorded 'Da Hype' with Junior Jack as well as a remix of 'A Forest' with Blank & Jones. My favorite of his electronic collaborations is probably the least known - a track he co-wrote (and sang vocals on) with Junkie XL in 2003 - no doubt due in part to the fact that the cd it's from 'Radio JXL: A Broadcast From The Computer Hell Cabin' is now out of print. The only clip I could find was on Soundcloud BUT please note that this song and the original album is still available for purchase on itunes for cheap ($9.99 for 19 tracks - it also includes songs with Dave Gahan, Peter Tosh, Gary Numan and Chuck D)... Enjoy!

SummersRadio™ New Music! Robert Smith sings Platinum Blonde?!

SummersRadio™ New Music! Crystal Castles featuring Robert Smith - 'Not In Love' Robert Smith covers an 80's hit... by Platinum Blonde!?! Yes, it's true, in a roundabout way. Crystal Castles recorded 'Not In Love' from their latest self-titled album with member/ producer Ethan Kath on vocals, but they are releasing a new version of it as their next single - featuring The Cure's Robert Smith on vocals! The song was originally written and performed by Platinum Blonde in 1983 (for those who weren't born yet they were sometimes referred to as Canada's 'Duran Duran') - the song reached the top 20 when it was released as their fourth single from their debut album in '84. I wonder if Robert knew... Enjoy!

SummersRadio™ New Music! Groove Armada!

SummersRadio™ New Music! Groove Armada - '1980' Groove Armada released their new album called 'White Light' this week. It's a different kind of remix album - it has 7 tracks from their 'Black Light' album (released earlier this year) that have been reworked live in the studio! It also contains a 'Love Mix' of the track 'History' and this one brand new track called '1980'...Enjoy!

SummersRadio™ DJ Shadow Remix Project

SummersRadio™ DJ Shadow - 'Remix Project' (Teaser Mix) DJ Shadow released a new limited collection of remixes on a compilation in July called 'The DJ Shadow Remix Project'. The songs were collected from the winners of a remix contest and features 17 tracks. The disc was originally only available through his website as a bonus gift with purchase - but now that promotion is over. HOWEVER he is selling copies of the cd at his shows for a mere $10! Many thanks to the kind merch gentleman who tossed me one for free - much appreciated! Here's a 'Teaser Mix' of some of the tracks...Enjoy!

SummersRadio™ DJ Shadow 2010 Tour Intro!

SummersRadio™ DJ Shadow 2010 Tour Intro! Just a taste of the amazing Shadowsphere that DJ Shadow played in last night in case you missed it - it's also used as the centerpiece for the visuals - and yes there are more visual effects beyond that as well! If he comes back to Vancouver in the new year once the new album is out I highly recommend the show... Enjoy!!



Monday, 25 October 2010

SummersRadio™ DJ Shadow Tonight!

SummersRadio™ DJ Shadow - tonight at the Commodore! This is his latest single 'I've Been Trying' - set to the surreal photographs of Elena Dorfman - Enjoy!

SummersRadio™ Classic! Digitalism!

SummersRadio™ Digitalism - 'Pogo' (Shinichi Osawa Remix)



SummersRadio™ New Music! It''s... a Digitalism Blitz!

SummersRadio™ It's... it's... a Digitalism Blitz! New Music! Digitalism - 'Stratosphere' The new Digitalism 'Blitz' EP is due for release on Nov. 8th on Kitsune - containing the original version of 'Blitz', the 'Villa' & 'Harvard Bass' remixes, and also this new song called 'Stratosphere'! Now I love their first album so I've really been looking forward to new material - but I think if I HAD to choose between their instrumentals and their more guitary/ vocal tracks, I think I prefer the latter. With this new single it's all instrumentals so far - but this track is much darker than 'Blitz'. Even the cover's a bit odd - it looks rather like New York with the WTC buildings - but three of them??? Interesting... Enjoy! ♥

SummersRadio™ New Music! Digitalism!

SummersRadio™ New Music! Digitalism - 'Blitz' (Villa Remix) Yesterday I posted the original version of the title track from Digitalism's new EP 'Blitz' - due for release on November 8th - this is one of two remixes of the track also included...Enjoy!

SummersRadio™ New Music! Digitalism!

SummersRadio™ New Music! Digitalism - 'Blitz' Hamburg's Digitalism release their new EP called 'Blitz' on the Kitsune label on November 8th - hoo-ray! Enjoy...