Tuesday, 12 November 2013

SummersRadio™ New Remix + Free Download! Heaven! Computer Magic!

SummersRadio™ New Remix + Free Download! Heaven - 'Colors In The Whites Of Your Eyes' (Computer Magic Remix)

Heaven have released a new remix of their single'Colors In The Whites Of Your Eyes' online! Heaven are a Brooklyn based dream pop band that released their debut album called 'Telepathetic Love' in July on the Goodnight Records label.


The always captivating Danz of Computer Magic makes the shoegazey original a bit more psychedelic and synth friendly - and if it's to your liking you can download a copy for free on Soundcloud here: https://soundcloud.com/goodnightrecords/heaven-colors-in-the-whites-1 (or by clicking on the arrow below)


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