Tuesday, 26 November 2013

SummersRadio™ New Remix! Arthur's Landing! Algy Strutt!

SummersRadio™ New Remix! Arthur's Landing - 'Miracle 2' (Algy Strutt's Seen The Light Mix)

Arthur's Landing has just released a new remix EP for the song 'Miracle 2'! Arthur's Landing are a Brooklyn future funk collective who record and perform the song's of Arthur Russell - who died in 1992 after spending two decades as part of New York City's underground dance and disco scenes.

The 'Miracle 2' EP features four remixes - one each from Algy Strutt, The Reflex, Andrew Clarke and DJ Yogurt + Koyas - and it's the first release on the new Buddhist Army label.

It's available digitally on Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/release/miracle-2-remixes/1193621 and it will also be released on grey vinyl on December 10th: http://buddhistarmy.11spot.com/


The 'Algy Strutt's Seen The Light Mix' is a sleek Moroder styled disco number ready to soundtrack your to journey the mothership... Enjoy!

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