Friday, 4 February 2011

SummersRadio™ New Mashup + Free Download! Arcade Fire Vs Blondie!

SummersRadio™ New Mashup + Free Download! Arcade Fire Vs Blondie - 'Sprawl Of Glass' (The Hood Internet Mashup) Finally!! As soon as I first heard Arcade Fire's 'Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)' I immediately thought it would sound great mashed up with Blondie's 'Heart Of Glass'! I even mentioned it when I first posted the song on my Facebook group back on Aug. 3rd last year (scroll WAY down in the older posts to see!/group.php?gid=366897324071) as well as on my Best Of 2010 posts on Dec. 14th - both on FB and here: Anyway the good news is that someone's finally done it - yay!!

The Hood Internet are a Chicago based production duo consisting of Aaron Brink (aka ABX) and Steve Reidell (aka STV SLV or Steve Sleeve). They generally specialize in mashups of hip hop and indie rock - although there are exceptions like this one of course. They also tour performing their live dj sets and they have their own blog which you can check out here: and if this ace mashup is to your liking you can get a free download copy of the song from their Soundcloud page here:  

I wish that they used the full album version of 'Heart Of Glass' so this was a bit longer and there were some more duels between some of the sounds distinct to each song (like how my remix of it sounds in my head!) but alas I don't know how to do it myself - and this still sounds awesome so... Enjoy!

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