Tuesday, 19 August 2014

SummersRadio™ Classics! One Dove! Dot Allison!

SummersRadio™ Classics! One Dove - 'Why Don't You Take Me'/ Dot Allison - 'Morning Sun'

I mentioned Dot Allison in yesterday's Reighnbeau post - who first came to fame as the vocalist for the Scottish trio One Dove, who released just one monumental full length album in 1993. 'Morning Dove White' was produced by Andrew Weatherall and Stephen Hague - I consider it to be a comedown classic.


'Why Don't You Take Me' is track eight on 'Morning Dove White'... Enjoy!

The stunning 'Morning Sun' is from Dot Allison's solo debut - 1999's 'Afterglow'... Enjoy!

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