Thursday, 29 November 2012

SummersRadio™ New Music! Dax J!

SummersRadio™ New Music! Dax J - 'Chapter 2' (Original Mix)

London's Dax J has just released a new EP called 'Spinning Of House'! The 'Spinning Of House' EP features four different songs - the rather housey title track and three other rather techno tunes. It's released on the Natural Rhythm label and it's currently available exclusively on Beatport:

You can learn more about Dax J - who also co-owns the EarToGround Records label ( on Facebook m'here:!/pages/Dax-J/108457863056

Here's one of his profile pics: (meow!)


It's the EP's second track called 'Chapter 2' that is most to my liking here. The production is remarkable - with so much depth and so many layers of sound this one is best played loud... Enjoy!

I totally love this song but something about the sound on the above video seems a titch off - like it's ever so slightly muffled or something. Whenever there are multiple posts of a song on Youtube or Soundcloud I'll check them all out. While there are other factors to consider such as the artwork and who's posted it (the artist or label themselves vs say some illegal download site) naturally I want to find the one with the best sound. Let's face it - there's no shortage of craptacular uploads out there.

There was only one post of the full length version of 'Chapter 2' though - so I've also decided to post this edited clip from the master recording posted by Natural Rhythm on Soundcloud - so you can compare the clarity for yourself.

My plan is to buy it from Beatport as soon I finish this post and then burn it on cd and play it on my home stereo (which blows the puny computer speakers away) for maximum sound enjoyment... :)

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