Sunday, 3 March 2013

SummersRadio™ Commercial Break! Daft Punk!

SummersRadio™ Commercial Break! Daft Punk - New Tv Ad!

Daft Punk are a duo of mystery. I was lucky enough to meet them in their early days - in '97 - before the masks. Interestingly Canada was the first country to give them a gold record - it went gold here before even the U.K. and France. I had my picture taken with them at the presentation but I never got a copy - the word from EMI was that they didn't turn out - I think it was at the band's request since it's now well known that they prefer to hide their faces from us humans.

While we've certainly had our share of fake new Daft Punk music in recent years - last night/ this morning a wee clip of the real thing aired during Saturday Night Live - a mere fifteen second spot with music and their logo (looking more sparkly than ever) and nothing more. Naturally the internet is abuzz today with anticipation.

Now what do we make of this clue - this tiny teaser? It's just fifteen seconds of funky guitar disco that could just have easily been recorded in 1977. Does this mean that they're going more disco and less electronic? Only time will tell - at least we can be sure that new Daft Punk music is on the way someday soon - which is certainly more to look forward to - and much better than just another false alarm!

In case you were out partying or sleeping while this aired - here's the commercial... Enjoy!

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