Tuesday, 10 April 2012

SummersRadio™ New Music! BMG & Derek Plaslaiko!

SummersRadio™ New Music! BMG & Derek Plaslaiko - 'Is Your Mother Home?' (Original Mix)

BMG & Derek Plaslaiko have just released an amazing (and highlarious) new EP called 'Is Your Mother Home?' this week! The first thing that drew me to this release was the cover art - I like the old school van and how it's not quite all there - like it's travelling through time and space:


Then the cheeky tracklisting gave me a laugh:

1. 'Daydreaming About Your Mom' (Original Mix)
2. 'Is Your Mother Home?' (Original Mix)
3. 'When Is She Coming Back?' (BMG Dub)
4. 'Are You Sure?' (Derek Plaslaiko Dub)
5. 'Is Your Mother Done?' (Original Mix)

Then I saw that it's released on a label called Interdimensional Transmissions - and I knew that I was quite possibly onto something wondrous even before I'd given the EP a listen. And then... I did. And now that I've done so I hereby declare the title track to be a SummersRadio™ Stonerhouse™ instant classic!
Brendan M Gillen aka BMG is a founding member of the Detroit band Ectomorph. He also started the Interdimensional Transmissions label and he 'enjoys playing Ableton like a video game and making analog equipment growl like an acid motorcycle.' Derek Plaslaiko also hails from Detroit (he's now based in Berlin) and is 'an indie rocker inspired by techno'.

'Is Your Mother Home?' features majorly trippy keyboard sounds and an amusing vocal dialogue that tells (one side of) the story of a gentleman on the make who offers someone at a bus stop a ride - but not before shopping for some munchies first. The interest is mutual - he's not the first one to say 'you're cute' so it's quite amusing as opposed to being creepy! I reckon that listening to this song would be akin to a visit to Willy Wonka's chocolate factory - on acid - if Will lived in an afterhours club - in Detroit!

The 'Is Your Mother Home?' EP is available on both itunes and Beatport - it's a mere $3.99 on itunes for all five tracks. The EP is also available on vinyl - with initial copies featuring limited hand painted sleeves - from the label's website here: http://interdimensionaltransmissions.com/discography/it-29-bmg-derek-plaslaiko-your-mother-home

This is the 'Original Mix' of 'Is Your Mother Home?' - I ♥ this tune... Enjoy!

BMG & Derek Plaslaiko "Is Your Mother Home" IT 29 from Interdimensional Transmissions on Vimeo.

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